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CALL for Papers EALE 2006

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Sept 21-23, 2006
Prague, Czech Republic

"The 2006 meeting of the EALE will take place September 21 -
23 in Prague, Czech Republic. You are invited to send in papers for submission. Papers are invited in any area of labour economics. A scientific committee will evaluate all submitted papers. Those who wish to present a paper are requested to send full (draft) papers to the EALE Secretariat, Maastricht, The Netherlands before 1 March 2006. The 2006 meetings will be organised by CERGE-EI, the Center for Economic Research in collaboration with The institute of Economic Studies of the Faculty of Social Sciences at Charles University , the Czech Economic Society, The Czech National Bank and the EALE Secretariat in Maastricht.

Papers accepted for presentation can be submitted for consideration for publication in the annual Conference Volume of the journal "Labour Economics", edited in 2006 by Professor Per-Anders Edin. Further information concerning submission rules and deadline will be given in the letter of acceptance.

Preparation of Abstracts and Papers for EALE 2006

Instructions for authors:

The papers should be sent to the EALE secretariat in Maastricht. To each paper an abstract must be added, which will be published in a Book of Abstracts. The abstract must include the theme of the paper (see list of themes), keywords and JEL-code. The abstract must not be more than 250 words. Abstracts of more than 250 words will not be included in the Book of Abstracts. Please send an electronic version of the paper (including all tables, figures etc.) and of the abstract by e-mail to the EALE secretariat, Maastricht. Electronic versions of the abstract have to be in WORD or PLAIN TEXT format, electronic versions of the paper have to be in PDF format and delivered as one file (no tables, figures etc. as separate files). The abstract should have the following form:

Name of Conference (EALE 2006), Names of author and co-authors, with the PAPER PRESENTER IN CAPITALS, title of paper, theme of the paper and JEL code (see list of themes), institution of paper presenter sufficient as
a mailing address. An example is as follows:


EALE 2006
Ben Kriechel* and Gerard A. Pfann**, The Role of Specific and General Human Capital after Displacement     
*Maastricht University, ROA, P.O. Box 616, 6200 MD Maastricht, The Netherlands and IZA
**Maastricht University, Quantitative Economics and Organisation and Strategy, PO Box 616, 6200 MD Maastricht, The Netherlands, C.E.P.R. and

Displaced workers experience significant and long-lasting wage losses. However, the average wage losses hide the tremendous differences among workers. So far, the differences are explained by differences in accumulated on the job experience, education level, age, etc., but a large variation among similar workers remain. In this paper we investigate the effect of general and specific human capital on the unemployment duration and wage losses during the first three years following displacement. Information on the specificity of a job or function before and after separation turns out to be a much better predictor for earnings losses than the traditional measurements of seniority.

Theme: Microeconomics of unemployment
Keywords: Displacement, Unemployment Duration, Sorting, Heterogeneity 
JEL-Code: J64, J65 

List of Themes:

1.     Family and work (D13, J12, J13, J16)
2.     Discrimination (J7, J16, J42)
3.     Retirement and early exit (J14, J26)
4.     Labour market policy (E64, J18, J23,J38, J58, J65, J68)
5.     Labour supply (H2, J21, J22)
6.     Labour demand and employment (J21, J23)
7.     Occupational choice and mobility, professional labour markets (J24, J44, J62)
8.     Education and training (J24, J31, I2)
9.     Health and job satisfaction (I18, J28)
10. Wage inequality and mobility (J31)
11. Personnel economics (J32, J33, M5, M12)
12. Internal labour markets and labour relations (J41, J49)
13. Public sector labour markets (J45)
14. Unions, bargaining and conflict resolutions (J51, J52)
15. Microeconomics of unemployment (J63, J64, J65, E24)
16. Macroeconomics of unemployment (J63, J64, J65, E24)
17. Migration (F22, J61, J62, R23)
18. Regional labour markets (J43, R23, R58)
19. Labour markets in transition economies (P2, P3)
20. Welfare, income distribution and poverty (D3)
21. Historical labour economics (N3)
22. Working hours (J21, J22, J23)

(For more information about the JEL classification system see )

Additional Information for PhD students

To encourage paper submissions from PhD students, EALE introduced a student conference rate.

Submission details

Please submit papers as early as possible: submissions received after March 1, 2006 will not be considered. A pre-registration can be made by completing the provisional registration form.

For questions or information, please contact:

EALE secretariat
Maastricht University 
PO Box 616
NL-6200 MD Maastricht
The Netherlands
tel: +31 43 3883647
fax: + 31 43 3884914