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Instructions for use of NX4 Player (beta) - Mac OS X 10.7 or higher users should read this!

We have posted instructions and configuration files for using the NX4 Player (beta) for connecting to the SSG. More information here. { display: none; }

SIPP Synthetic Data documentation added

We have updated the links on the SSB page to the Census Bureau's data documentation, and cached local copies on this web site. See { display: none; }

KDE now a desktop option on SSG

The KDE desktop environment is common in some environments, including the Census Research Data Center, and the old login nodes of our VirtualRDC. It is now available as an option for the graphical login to the SSG. If you use the web login feature, you will find a pre-configured KDE session here. If you prefer [...]

Updated: Connecting to the VirtualRDC at CISER

Following user feedback, we have updated the "Connecting to the VirtualRDC at CISER" guide" { display: none; }

Hash indexes in SAS

Hash indexes are a new feature in SAS 9 data steps. They can help you with quick lookups, under certain conditions. The SAS site has a 'cheat sheet' you can download and print. { display: none; }