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ANNOUNCEMENT: EMERGENCY DOWNTIME on ecco cluster July 21-22 2017

ANNOUNCEMENT: We have implemented an emergency downtime for the ecco cluster to diagnose an issue with the /home file system.

WHAT DID THIS AFFECT: All processes and jobs will be killed.

DURATION: We took Ecco down this morning (July 21, 2017). We made a decision based on Ecco incurring the second instability in 2 days [...]

[ECCO] compute-0-4 online

Our newest node has been put into the job queue (1TB of RAM), see this page for more details.

[ECCO] Memory upgrades successful

We have successfully upgraded three of our (older, general purpose) compute nodes:

compute-0-0 and compute-0-1 now have 144 GB compute-0-2 now has 212GB

This will allow users to run bigger jobs. Your job submissions should not request specific nodes; you should only request the memory that is needed - jobs will be allocated appropriately to [...]

Update 4 (final) on Wednesday's downtime

HTTPS access from off-campus to the repositories is now feasible.

Web server (this server) migrated

We migrated to a new host. Please let us know if you find any broken [...]