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[completed] Emergency Maintenance of NSF01 (not SSG!)

´╗┐As previously noted, NSF01 (the supercomputer in the Census RDC network) needs maintenance on its fibrechannel SAN interfaces. While we had penciled in Monday, the vendor did not confirm with Census IT until today. Maintenance is now scheduled for 3-5PM today. Sorry for the short notice. This downtime ONLY affects NSF01 users, not other Census [...]

NSF01 is back up

Title says it all.

NSF01 storage migration, attempt 3

OK, the next attempt is ready to go:

Starting this Friday, oct 23: all mixedtmp areas will be mounted read-only Starting Monday, Oct 26, downtime for 3 days. Wed Oct 28, system is back up, but mixedtmp is still being restored.

NSF01 downtime and storage upgrade (yet again) postponed

From Census:

The work on NSF01 will not be done this week. There is a problem on 3PAR's end, apparently. It turns out that they need to upgrade the frame, and since we are not the only ones in the frame, they need to reschedule. At least, this is the gist of it from my [...]

Status of /mixedtmp/lehd3 on NSF01

The problematic filesystem (/mixedtmp/lehd3) has been successfully backed up. Until the downtime in October, the filesystem will be made read-only. Please also avoid, to the extent possible, reading from this filesystem.