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NSF01 next attempt at storage migration (updated)

After having resolved contractual maintenance issues, the next attempt to migrate the NSF01 storage from the older storage array to the newer (supported) array has been tentatively [...]

Success: NSF01 filesystem fully functional again.

As of 2009-07-16, 14:21, /temporary/saswork1 is back online as a 2.9 terabyte filesystem and is available for regular use.

NSF01 maintenance, next attempt

Maintenance of /temporary/saswork1 will continue today. Census IT are still working to fully diagnose the problem. Work will continue this afternoon starting around 1pm.

NSF01 maintenance ongoing

... to repair /temporary/saswork1. Scheduled for 7PM. "During this maintenance window, the server will be available;" but the directory will obviously be offline.

Update: did not happen.

NSF01 temp space maintenance postponed

"Requires further research"... we'll keep you posted.