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NSF01 temporary filesystems... temporarily unavailable

CSvD will complete work on restoring /temporary/saswork1 after last week's disk failure. The filesystem will be unavailable for most of the day and should be back up and fully functional later this afternoon or by tomorrow morning. Successful completion will be notified to the NSF01 user mailing list.

Possible NSF01 reboot later today

We have requested a reboot of NSF01 to attempt to resolve some I/O-related performance issues. The reboot should take place by the end of the day today, but may be delayed until Monday. There are currently no active jobs, so it should be minimally disruptive.

NSF01 is officially available again


Update on NSF01

The system maintenance on NSF01 is not going so well. The system went down, and the two existing network connections have been upgraded (to Gigabit). However, (i) the planned 3Par maintenance has not been started, due to some apparent contractual issues (ii) the system updates for the OS were not received (iii) the additional ethernet [...]

Upcoming R maintenance on VRDC6401 (ia64)

We are going to put VRDC6401 into build-mode soon (within the next two weeks).