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[SSG] Additional SSG documentation posted

We have made launching interactive jobs somewhat easier (it is now point-and-click for most applications), see the Step 4 - Using the SSG page. We have also posted some example instructions on how to transfer data to XSEDE resources, see Step 6.

[SSG] ASReml available on all SSG nodes

We have installed ASReml on all compute [...]

OpenOffice 3.3 installed on SSG

We have installed OpenOffice 3.3 on SSG. This provides you with a native spreadsheet, in case it is needed within the SSG remote desktop environment.

R 2.11.1 for ia64 available for use and download

R 2.11.1 has been compiled for ia64/SLES9, and is available on our ia64 node, as well as for download at our IA64 RPM repository. It will be available on NSF01 soon, as well. A pre-compiled list of packages (the list can be seen here) is available as a RPM as well.

SAS upgraded to SAS TS2M3 on SSG

The SAS version installed on the SSG has been upgraded to the latest (TS2M3). Enjoy!