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Temporary SAS license for ia64 implemented

We are working on straightening out the licensing situation for the ia64 nodes. In the meantime, a temporary license has been applied, and will tidy us over until we get the 2009/2010 license fully implemented.

SAS Syntax file for Linux editor

Kate is a editor that is installed on most (KDE-based) Linux desktop environments (including our own login nodes at the VirtualRDC). Ian S. has kindly provided us with a syntax-highlighting file for SAS programs. It can be downloaded and installed from, although we might move it to our openSUSE BuildService at a later stage [...]

SAS license updated

SAS licenses have been updated on the x86_64 nodes. As happens almost every year, the ia64 nodes have some problems. We hope to have a new license file by Wednesday.

OpenOffice upgraded to 3.0.1

At the request of some users, we have upgraded OpenOffice on the login node to the latest stable version from the repositories.

SVN tools on VirtualRDC nodes

Apart from the standard subversion command line clients (installed on all VirtualRDC nodes), the main login node VRDC6402 also sports two graphical interfaces:

KDESVN - this is integrated into the native Konqueror browser. You can view any versioned folder in a SVN-view, and perform SVN operations using Konqueror menus (top and right-click). SmartSVN - this [...]