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R 2.11.1 for ia64 available for use and download

R 2.11.1 has been compiled for ia64/SLES9, and is available on our ia64 node, as well as for download at our IA64 RPM repository. It will be available on NSF01 soon, as well. A pre-compiled list of packages (the list can be seen here) is available as a RPM as well.

SAS Syntax file for Linux editor

Kate is a editor that is installed on most (KDE-based) Linux desktop environments (including our own login nodes at the VirtualRDC). Ian S. has kindly provided us with a syntax-highlighting file for SAS programs. It can be downloaded and installed from, although we might move it to our openSUSE BuildService at a later stage [...]

Upcoming R maintenance on VRDC6401 (ia64)

We are going to put VRDC6401 into build-mode soon (within the next two weeks).

Preparing R upgrade

In preparation for the R upgrade on NSF01, we will be upgrading R on VRDC6401 over the weekend. Please let us know if this causes problems. R will be upgraded from 2.4.0 to 2.5.1.

OpenOffice 2.2 now available on NSF01

The office suite (word processor, spreadsheet, etc) OpenOffice 2.2 is now available on NSF01.