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R 2.11.1 for ia64 available for use and download

R 2.11.1 has been compiled for ia64/SLES9, and is available on our ia64 node, as well as for download at our IA64 RPM repository. It will be available on NSF01 soon, as well. A pre-compiled list of packages (the list can be seen here) is available as a RPM as well.

SAS Syntax file for Linux editor

Kate is a editor that is installed on most (KDE-based) Linux desktop environments (including our own login nodes at the VirtualRDC). Ian S. has kindly provided us with a syntax-highlighting file for SAS programs. It can be downloaded and installed from, although we might move it to our openSUSE BuildService at a later stage [...]

R updated, JAGS installed on x86_64 nodes

We've updated R packages on the x86_64 nodes, and installed JAGS.

Providing scientific software for use on openSUSE/SLES systems

We use a variety of software packages, many of which are open-source. The systems we manage and use are running openSUSE and SLES (9) versions of the Linux operating system. While much of the open-source software can simply be downloaded from the installation media provided by openSUSE/Novell, some of it is not in the standard [...]

Experimental MySQL schema for QWIPU files released

The QWI public use files are very large. Here at the VirtualRDC, we usually use SAS, but occasionally use MySQL. Table definitions and readin programs may come in handy to other users of our data, and we have posted them here. [...]