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R upgrade to 2.5.1

As previously announced, R has been upgraded to 2.5.1 on VRDC6401. All libraries seem to load cleanly - let us know if you encounter any problems. This is the version that will also be ported to NSF01. Compiled, tested, and signed RPM packages have been made available for any interested person (running SLES9 on IA64...) [...]

Subversion enhancements on VRDC servers

For those using Subversion from the command line, a new command-line completion has been installed on the VRDC nodes. For all others, SmartSVN has been updated to 2.1.5.

SmartSVN RPM updated to 2.0.1

SmartSVN is a graphical interface to Subversion. A new version (2.0.1) was recently released, and we have updated our RPMs, which can be downloaded from The installed versions on VirtualRDC nodes have been upgraded.

Icon Programming Language available

We have compiled the latest version of the Icon programming language. RPM packages can be downloaded for i586, x86_64, and ia64 at our download site.

Octave installed on VRDC6401, available for download

We have compiled and installed Octave for ia64. It is available on VRDC6401, but has not yet been tested. [...]