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Current status of statistical package R

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The current version of R is R 2.1.1 (2005-06-20). R is a statistical package similar to S-Plus, but also provides some compatibility with Matlab (if package 'matlab' is installed). The current list of packages can be found under /usr/lib/R/library:

acepack    cluster          fBasics     Matrix     randomForest   strucchange
akima      coda             fCalendar   mcgibbsit  RColorBrewer   survey
base       ctv              foreign     mcmc       R.css          survival
bayesm     DAAG             gam         MCMCpack   reldist        systemfit
bayesmix   datasets         geoR        methods    rgl            tcltk
bayesSurv  deal             geoRglm     mgcv       rpart          tframe
baymvb     Design           graphics    micEcon    sandwich       tools
betareg    dse1             grDevices   mlbench    scatterplot3d  tripack
bim        dse2             grid        mlmRev     segmented      tseries
bivpois    dyn              Hmisc       MNP        sem            urca
BMA        dynamicGraph     ineq        mvtnorm    setRNG         uroot
boa        dynlm            its         nlme       sna            utils
boot       e1071            KernSmooth  nnet       sp             vabayelMix
bqtl       EbayesThresh     lattice     oz         SparseM        xtable
BRugs      Ecdat            leaps       pscl       spatial        zicounts
car        ensembleBMA      lme4        pwt        splines        zoo
chron      evdbayes         lmtest      quadprog   stats
class      exactLoglinTest  MASS        quantreg   stats4