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The Economics Compute Cluster (ECCO) has migrated to the BioHPC environment, and accounts are not handled on this website anymore. See the BioHPC User Guide.

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Data @ VirtualRDC

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Table of contents

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1 Overview

The following datasets are available on the VirtualRDC, in either dummy (zero-obs) form, or with some content based on public-use data. Check the Data section for updated documentation on these datasets. Some documentation on the full dataset may be available on the CES website.

2 Types of datasets

The VirtualRDC does not host confidential data of any type. Here's what types of data we have:

  • public -use data: Public use data not (easily) available elsewhere, or because they have a use in the analysis of synthetic data.
  • Synthetic data: replicates the exact structure and the statistical properties of the original (confidential) dataset, without using any of the original confidential data content. Access to some of these data still requires using special compute servers (see Synthetic Data Server).
  • Zero-obs or dummy datasets: replicate the exact structure of the original dataset, but contain no data at all - no original data, no synthetic data, none.
  • Public-use based replica: replicates the exact structure of the original (confidential) dataset, with the content of a similar publi-use dataset reformatted to resemble the original dataset

3 Available public-use datasets

  • Download-only:
  • Access on compute servers only :
    • Public-use  files (constantly but idiosynchratically updated)
      /data/clean for clean SAS and Stata data sets
      /data/doc for documentation on the available files

      You will find SAS and Stata versions of many datasets, including QWI and OnTheMap, here. If you see a dataset missing which you would wish to have available, let us know.

    • There might also be a small set of public-use data in the RDC-compatible structure under

4 Available synthetic datasets

5 Available dummy datasets

Zero-obs datasets have the basic structure of the (confidential) datasets, without containing any data. To effectively use them, users should reference a path as (in SAS)

%let prefix=/data/virtualrdc;
libname INPUTS "&prefix./economic/ocd/microdata";

When transferring programs to the Census RDC, setting

%let prefix=;

and making no other changes will let the programs work as-is on the confidential data in the Census RDC.

The following zero-obs datasets are available on VirtualRDC nodes:

  • LEHD Infrastructure files FROM 2004 SNAPSHOT (documentation)
  • Other Census RDC datasets:
  • Internal decennial census microdata dummy datasets