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The Economics Compute Cluster (ECCO) has migrated to the BioHPC environment, and accounts are not handled on this website anymore. See the BioHPC User Guide.

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Downtime for all linux servers at 6PM EDT 2005-05-18

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We will improving the hardware allocation at CISER today. This means
that all Linux servers will be shut down at 6PM tonight (May 18 2005):


The new servers will be grouped into two groups:

VRDC servers: all servers starting with 'vrdcYYZZ'
CISER Linux servers: lservices, replaces yeehaa
CISER Windows servers: wservices=pluto, for
occassional special uses only.

If you have used yeehaa in the past, you will be using lservices in the
future. VRDC computers are administered as part of the NSF-ITR grant.

When the servers come up again,

  • lservices and yeehaa will be the same unit. the name "yeehaa" will
    point to "lservices" (although this probably will not work immediately
    on Thursday morning). YOu should modify any scripts and bookmarks to
    reflect "lservices" from now on. The name "yeehaa" may go away in a
    couple of months, although not without prior notice.

    All data you presently have on yeehaa will be available on lservices,
    and your password should work as well (unless you've changed it in the
    past two months)

  • no changes for pluto/wservices (this Windows was actually migrated
    about 6 weeks ago. it took 2 hours... and nobody noticed). Note that the
    name "pluto" will also go away sometime in the future.

  • a new server vrdc3201 will become functional in the next couple of
    days. It will be part of the VRDC
    (, running a recent version of
    SuSE Linux (9.2)

  • a new server vrdc3202 will also become available. It has
    significantly less resources than the other servers, and is provided
    mainly for teaching and testing purposes. It will run the same OS as the
    Cornell RDC login node (, i.e., SuSE 8.2.

  • new storage will become available on the VRDC servers, with varying
    degrees of capacity and speed:

    • 1TB, slow, physically on vrdc3201, accessible via NFS from
      other machines in the VRDC.

    • 450GB, fast, mixture of RAID0 and RAID1, local to vrdc6401
    • 320GB, medium, RAID5, local to vrdc3201