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The Economics Compute Cluster (ECCO) has migrated to the BioHPC environment, and accounts are not handled on this website anymore. See the BioHPC User Guide.

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[ECCO] Limited functionality after hard drive crash

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ECCO currently has limited functionality for some users due to a hard drive crash.

/home has lost 2 hard drives; numerous users' directories are affected. This data is NOT recoverable. 2 replacements are due to arrive Tues, 7/22. Meanwhile, you will NOT be able to use a home directory due to lack of space, and you may encounter problems running qsub jobs. Another downtime will be announced for when the replacements arrive.

We wish we were able to better assist you in your data recovery in these unfortunate circumstances. We do remind users that home and project directories are not backed up, as noted on our web pages (Step 3 and Step 4 of the initial setup), and that they should take appropriate measures to back up or otherwise have redundant copies of their critical programs and data elsewhere. We suggest Git or Subversion:

1 comment to [ECCO] Limited functionality after hard drive crash

  • Lars Vilhuber

    The following announcement was visible upon SSH login on ECCO, it is posted here for reference, since it has now been removed:

    While home and project directories are not habitually backed up, we have mounted an archive from the transition SSG->ECCO in Sept 2013 under /mnt/archive/ssg.home.2013. Any files you may have had before Sept 2013 will be found there. We have also mounted an archive of ECCO from July 2014, right after the hardware failure, under /mnt/archive/ecco.home.2014. Data in the ECCO archive may not be complete so please use with caution.

    In order to facilitate recovery, you may want to use a script we have made available using the following instructions:
    1) open a terminal window
    2) run "recover.rsync" without arguments to see options
    3) run "recover.rsync ssg.home.2013" to see what files can be recovered (and aren't already in your home directory). At the end of the "dry-run", you will be prompted to begin the actual copy of your files.

    We urge all users to continue using Subversion/Git or some other offsite primary storage for their data. ECCO is not designed to be primary storage for your programs and data, unless you make explicit arrangements with the ECCO managers. To learn how to use Subversion/Git on ECCO, you can sign up for our "Computing for Economists" workshop (see the VirtualRDC website and previous announcements to Economics students and faculty).