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[ECCO] [SDS] Nomachine access to our servers: please continue to use v5 clients, and do not upgrade to v6

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On November 15, 2017, Nomachine S.a r.L. released a new version of the Nomachine client, v6. That version removes the access protocol in use for ECCO and SDS, and will, under no circumstances, work with our systems. Users should continue to use any installed v5 client, and new users should not download the v6 client from Detailed instructions follow.


On our systems, we use what is called the "system login" provided by Nomachine servers through v5. This protocol (which relies on an early two-factor authentication protocol) is no longer functional in the v6 client provided by Nomachine. v6 clients cannot connect to our current v5 servers, under any circumstances.

New users

New users of our systems (ECCO and SDS) should consult the installation page for specific instructions. New users should NOT download the Nomachine workstation or enterprise client from

Existing users

Current users of our systems should disable the auto-update function of the clients, and reject any optional updates to versions of the software 6.0 and above. If users have already upgraded, and lost connectivity as a result, they should uninstall the Nomachine client, and proceed with the instructions for new users.