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[ECCO] [SDS] SAS queue introduced, SAS software limited to one node

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As previously announced, we have reduced our SAS licenses to one server on ECCO, one server on SDS. A new job submission queue (ECCO queues, SDSx queues) will route jobs to the appropriate node.

For interactive usage, the command isas and the menu item in the Gnome/KDE menus will do the right thing. For qsub scripts, please include "-q sas" in either the PBS preamble (see qsub instructions) or on the qsub submission command line. While we do not expect to change the compute node assigned for SAS jobs frequently, it may happen; thus requesting the correct queue will always work, but requesting a specific node may fail.

Given past usage, this should not be constraining, but do let us know if you find any issues with this setup.