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[ECCO] [SDS] Testing an upgrade of Rstudio

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ECCO and SDS users of Rstudio may have noticed that our install of Rstudio is fairly old. This is a technical constraint, as the most recent versions of Rstudio require more modern operating systems (we still run CentOS 6).

We have a new way of invoking Rstudio, but have not fully tested whether it can replace the older Rstudio in all circumstances. Please test this out (requires to use the command line) and let us know if it works for you.

In order to invoke the newer Rstudio version, do the following from an interactive shell on a compute node (Applications -> Other -> Interactive Session):

module load python/anaconda/2.7
source activate rstudio

You might see a warning in Rstudio about CRAN access, but otherwise, this should work. Note that it does NOT work with our HPC-enabled R versions.