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ECCO Queues

The following job submission queues are configured on ECCO :

Queue name Processor * hours limit Wallclock limit Memory
per job limit
Max cores
per job limit
per user limit
Nodes in resource set Groups with access
interactive n.a. 2 hours 4GB n.a. 1 compute-0-[0,1] All
regular* [default] 48  n.a. 128GB  4 1 compute-0-[2-8] All
 faculty  384  n.a.  256GB  8 8 compute-0-[2-8] Faculty,
Premium members
 premium  none  7*24 hours  none  32  none compute-0-[2-8]  Premium members
 HPC  none  none  none  none  none  all On demand,
with approval,
no automatic
 harvest  1  1  8GB  8  24 compute-0-[2-8]  All
sas none none none 32 none compute-0-4 Used for running SAS jobs

By default, all non-interactive jobs have a wallclock limit of 30 minutes - if you need to submit longer jobs, you will need to write a qsub script (at present our q-utilities do not support increasing wallclock limits), see page on Advanced qsub.

By default, all interactive jobs that are submitted through the NX interface are scheduled through the interactive queue, and all other jobs, submitted through the q-utilities or through a command-line qsub submission are submitted to the  regular queue. In order to submit to any of the other queues, assuming you have access rights, you need to specify

-q (queue name)

on the qsub command line, e.g.

qsub -q faculty myjob.qsub

or embed it into the qsub script as

#PBS -q (queue name)