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Install and Use NX Client 3.5

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  1. If using Mac OS X 10.7 or higher, and  Windows 8 and higher, you need to follow installation instructions for Version 4.
  2. If you do not already have NX installed, follow download and installation instructions for Version 3 at (as of Nov 26, 2013, the download is no longer available - we have archives of Windows, Linux, and OS X versions). You should choose the NX client for the "platform" of your desktop computer (i.e., if you are using a Windows computer to access ECCO, you should download the Windows client).
  3. Once you have NX installed, you need to configure a "session". We have prepared a pre-configured NX session config file, downloadable from here. You should unzip it. The file contained within, called 'ECCO.nxs' (or 'SSG.nxs'), should be put into the NX config location
    • $HOME/.nx/config (Linux, Mac)
    • C:\Documents and Settings\USERNAME\.nx\config (Windows XP and previous)
    • C:\Users\USERNAME\.nxconfig (Windows 7, maybe Vista)
  4. You can now open the "NX Client for Windows" (or ... for Linux or ... for Mac), and should see a sessions called 'SSG'. Open that, and when prompted for a password, use your ECCO password