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[ECCO+SDS] Update of Python install

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We've updated the Python installation (Anaconda version), with some small changes and additions:

  • the econometrics environment has been removed (it contained some additional packages that are mostly contained in the regular environments)
  • MKL versions of the two main environments are available

In order to use these Python environments (on compute nodes), you need to add

source /etc/profile.d/
module load python/anaconda

to your qsub program (for additional details on the module command, see this other page), which loads Python 2.7. If other versions of Python are to be used, add

source activate (ENV)

where (ENV) is one of

# conda environments:
mkl2.7     /cac/contrib/anaconda/envs/mkl2.7
mkl3.3     /cac/contrib/anaconda/envs/mkl3.3
python3.3  /cac/contrib/anaconda/envs/python3.3

The MKL-enabled environments require a (personal, free for academic use) license for the Anaconda. Follow instructions that come with the license on how to install the license in your ECCO home directory.