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Experimental MySQL schema for OnTheMap OD files released

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MySQL table definitions and readin programs for the OnTheMap microdata may come in handy to users of the data we distribute. We have posted such programs for the OD files (one of four file types in the OnTheMap public use data distribution). Interested users can access them here. Table definitions for other files will become available over time. Please note that these programs are designed for the OnTheMap V2 files, and are not yet available for the soon-to-be-released OnTheMap V3 files. To register for access to the data, please request a login for the site by sending an email to
If loading the entire OD matrix, please plan for 15GB of storage if using all three currently available years and only the first implicate. If using the two-column index specified in the dtatabase schema, it will require an additional 3.8GB.