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High-performance computing for Economists 2014 edition

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Second through fifth-year Economics graduate students (and interested faculty)

Please mark your calendars:

High-performance Computing for Economists
August 18-20, 2014 (9:00am – 5:00pm) Ives 109

If you are required to attend TA training, you should not plan on attending the Wednesday session.
Students from other Ph.D. programs are welcome on a space-available basis only.

The Economics Department installed a high-performance computing cluster (ECCO) in 2013 that is intended to function as the main computing facility for Economics Department faculty and field of Economics graduate students. To allow students to leverage this resource, as well as other resources on campus and elsewhere for their research, we have prepared a boot camp that any second through fifth year graduate student may attend. The boot camp will be taught by faculty and students in the Economics Department, all of whom are knowledgeable and have experience in some aspect of high-performance computing. This is meant to be a hands-on workshop, with an exchange of experiences.

Tentative syllabus here:

Some GRA supervisors are requiring this course, so please check with your GRA supervisor. For faculty who are not on campus at this time, videoconferencing will be available. Students are expected to be present on-site.

Registration is required. We do not yet have a site running to accept registration, we post more details later.