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Labor Market Flows, Productivity and Wage Dynamics: Ideas and Results

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September 14 – 15, 2007
Moncalieri (Torino), Italy

Full title: "LABOR MARKET FLOWS, PRODUCTIVITY AND WAGE DYNAMICS: IDEAS AND RESULTS FROM EMPIRICAL RESEARCH ON EMPLOYER-EMPLOYEE LINKED LONGITUDINAL DATABASES". The conference is organized by LABORatorio R. Revelli, Centre for Employment Studies, and will be held in Moncalieri (Torino) at Collegio Carlo Alberto on September 14 – 15, 2007.

The aim of the Conference is to stimulate and exchange ideas and empirical results in fields related to labor market flows, productivity, wage dynamics and rigidities, drawn from research on employer-employee linked longitudinal databases. It will be also an opportunity to present WHIP, the Work Histories Italian Panel, recently made available to the scientific community worldwide. Keynote speakers already committed include Dale T. Mortensen, Christopher Pissarides and John W. Haltiwanger.

You are invited to submit papers (even in provisional form) for this event before May 31, 2007. Papers should be submitted to <>. No abstracts will be considered for submission. A scientific committee will evaluate all submitted papers and acceptance decisions will be communicated before July 15, 2007.