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Migration of webservers completed

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We have finished migrating this site, as well as sundry wikis, to a new (and updated) server. There are bound to be bugs, so please let us know immediately if and when you encounter such problems.

Known issues:

  • Email subscriptions are currently not working. We are looking into a solution, but it is likely that we will drop email notification entirely in favor of RSS feeds.
  • Historical calendar items have disappeared. The structure of the plugin we use for the event calendar has radically changed in the two years since we first implemented it, and resuscitating the historical records can only be done manually. You can still peruse historical posts in the Events category, but it is unlikely that they will appear on the calendar again. We are editing future calendar events so that they show up properly in the calendar, and addresssing the formatting issues.
  • Attachments not available for Documents. We are working on migrating the attachments to the new format.

All wikis should be functional again. Note that the actual wiki software has not been updated - only the server hosting the wikis.

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