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[delayed] Migration to new download server

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Our core download and web server is now several years old, and we have migrated several services to new servers. This website has been migrated for quite some time now, but we are finishing up migrating the (large) data download servers to a new service provider. We have nearly completed that task (it still takes some time to migrate nearly 1TB of QWI CSV files), and you will notice that many downloads, of data and documents, may now come from a different URL (

Users should not need to change any existing links, but should advise us of any broken or hanging links. Please contact us at with any such information, and we will strive to correct that as soon as possible.

Update 2012-08-28: Oh well, our new service provider has "unlimited storage", but that apparently doesn't mean "1TB < unlimited". We are working on a different option now, but for now, back to the old server.