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New word processor and spreadsheet available in all VRDC environments

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The absence of word processors and spreadsheets on Linux/IA64 has been a hurdle to more efficient use of the (V)RDC. We have tested and subsequently installed Softmaker Office, a very lightweight office suite with strong MS Office compatibility that runs fine under x86 emulation mode. Textmaker and Planmaker, the two Office components, can be accessed from the N menu,

  • on 64bit systems, under "Office -> <%image(20050616-tml_16.png|16|16|Textmaker icon)%>Wordprocessor" and "Office -> <%image(20050616-pml_16.png|16|16|Planmaker icon)%>Spreadsheet".
  • on 32bit systems, under "Office -> Wordprocessor -> <%image(20050616-tml_16.png|16|16|Textmaker icon)%>Textmaker" and "Office -> Spreadsheet -> <%image(20050616-pml_16.png|16|16|Planmaker icon)%>Planmaker".

You can find documentation for Textmaker and Planmaker on the Softmaker website.