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NSF01 is accessible again

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NSF01 is accessible again since noon on 26 April 2006. Fast disk access to 7.5TB is now available under /temporary/saswork1. However, direct access using thin clients is still not feasible until the NX server gets re-installed - please log in to your local RDC node (rdc07, rdc10) first, then SSH to NSF01 (this is confirmed to work).

For the technically inclined: the 7.5TB of /temporary/saswork1 are accessed through 16 HBA ports, which should allow for significantly faster access for temporary storage than the previous /temporary accessed on the 3Par storage through a much smaller number of HBA ports. Further improvements lie in the use of the XFS filesystem, rather than the somewhat slower Reiserfs filesystem. Please note that this is temporary storage only - no data on this filesystem gets backed up.