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NSF01 still down, back up on Monday, 2007-11-19

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NSF01 went down on Sunday, November 11, 2007, due to a massive failure of the (single) IO board in the SGI 3700bx2. They are currently rebuilding the temporary filesystems. It is unlikely that the system is up before Monday.

The I/O board affects all I/O directly attached to the system, which lead to data loss on the OS disk (including /home) and the direct-attached TP9100 (/temporary/small, /temporary/saswork1 and saswork2). The Census sysadmin believes it did not affect the 3Par, but keep your fingers crossed.

All applications are successfully re-installed based on the CDROM that I had prepared recently, which is a good sign (and good to know that all of Kevin and my prep work and effort put into packaging came to good use again so soon...)