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NSF01 temp storage back online

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The 7TB SGI storage is back online. Kevin and I have completed testing of the reconfigured SGI fast storage, and it has been re-attached to its usual location at


We converted it from RAID0 (striped) to RAID5 (reliable). RAID5 shows between 20 and 25% slower performance than RAID0. That is the price to pay for reliability - we are no longer going to lose the device (or so we hope...) when a single disk goes belly up.

The reconfigured SGI storage is still faster than the 3Par (/rdcprojects/XXX) by about 10-40%. Keep that in mind when running your programs. It is NOT backed up.

We will evaluate the usefulness of the slower RAID5 over the next two months in everyday usage. We find the "RAID5 tax" of 25% fairly high, and might want to consider leaving half of the space as RAID0. Please let us know what you think.