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There will be a downtime for the Synthetic Data Server on Monday, June 1, 2015.
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NX Server DOWNTIME 2015/5/27 9:00am

’NX SERVER’ on the ecco cluster DOWNTIME:

WHEN: Wednesday, 5/27/15, 9:00am-Noon

REASONS: Upgrade of NX server

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[ECCO] [SDS] Running NX3 client from web interface will no longer work

Due to the deprecation of certain plugins on Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer, the Java plugin that allows to install and run the web version of the NX client will no longer work. This does not affect the ability to use NX3 or NX4 desktop clients to connect to ECCO and SDS.

We are installing a new server backend, which will allow for new connection methods, in particular more robustness of the NX4 connection.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

We switched to HTTPS

You may have noticed the green padlock icon in our webpages since May 20, 2015 (or not). We switched the site to serving up encrypted pages by default. Please let us know if you notice anything not working right.

[SDS] [ECCO] Upcoming changes to SAS on compute nodes

It is license renewal season. In order to reduce our licensing expenditures on SAS, we are removing the ability to run SAS on any node.Convenience scripts (qsas, menu entry) will be updated, and should "just work". Those using custom qsub scripts will need to submit those  to a 'sas' queue on ECCO or SDSx in order to be routed to servers that have SAS installed.

Please let us know if this causes you any undue problems.