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Path modifications on Synthetic Data Server

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We have adjusted some paths on SDS to conform to the current state of the Census Bureau's RDC (and thus facilitate validation exercises). 

You should now use


instead of the previously used paths. All previously used paths will still work for a couple of months on the SDS (symbolic links were made), but do not work for validation occurring on the Census Bureau's RDC nodes.

We take the opportunity to point out that the most robust way to address issues like this going forward is to NEVER hard-code paths. Suggested practice is to use macro/global variables to encode such paths:


%let base=/rdcprojects/tr/tr00612;
%let version=2.0.2;
%let myid=specXXX;
%let prefix=synlbd;

libname inputs "&base./data/synlbd/&version." access=readonly;
libname mydata "&base./programs/users/&myid./data";

data mydata.analysis_file;
set inputs.&prefix.1992c;


global base /rdcprojects/tr/tr00612
global version 2.0.2
global myid specXXX
global prefix synlbd

global inputs $base/data/synlbd/$version
global mydata $base/programs/users/$myid/data"

use ${inputs}/${prefix}1992c
save ${mydata}/analysis_file


base = "/rdcprojects/tr/tr00612"
version = "2.0.2"
myid = "specXXX"
prefix = "synlbd"

inputs = paste(base,"/data/synlbd/",version,sep="")
mydata = paste(base,"/programs/users/",myid,"/data",sep="")

analysis_file <- read.dta(paste(inputs,prefix,"1992c.dta",sep="")) ... save(analysis_file,file=paste(mydata,"/analysis_file.RData",sep=""))