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Please provide us with papers, bibliography, uses of our resources

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As many of you know, we are asked to report the impact of the grant by, among other things, listing any publications that were made possible (in part) by the grants supporting the VirtualRDC and its components, the SSG and SDS.

  • The SSG is funded by NSF grant 0922005. John Abowd and Lars Vilhuber are the PIs on that grant.
  • The SDS is funded by NSF grant 1042181. Lars Vilhuber and John Abowd are the PIs on that grant.

If you have used the SSG resources (compute servers, access to XSEDE, prepared data), or the SDS resources (SIPP Synthetic Beta, Synthetic LBD) and have a working paper, a report, a publication, please provide us ( or me personally) with an appropriate reference.

We are also interested in any applications or websites that you may have created using the downloadable data that we provide (QWI, National QWIOnTheMap/LODES historical data). Please provide us with a URL and a short blurb - we will link back to the site from an online version of our report.

Your assistance with this is greatly appreciated. The NSF funding that currently supports the SSG ends next year, and we are looking at new funding sources. Accurately measuring the impact is an important element of any new funding request.