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QWIPU R2011Q1 (data through 2010:2) available for download

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The most recent QWIPU data for all participating LED states are available for download. The release R2011Q1 covers data through 2010:2, for 46 states. In general, each state’s version.txt file points to the last updated quarter. Updated data for Florida, Louisiana, Ohio, New Mexico, and Delaware were not provided by the Census Bureau at this time, the latest release for those states remains R2010Q3, R2010Q3, and R2010Q4 respectively. Data can be downloaded (without registration) immediately at The SAS versions of the data on the Social Science Gateway have already been updated several weeks ago.

Note: updated on Aug 30, 2011  to reflect the absence of updates to Ohio.
Note: updated on Sep 1, 2011 to reflect the absence of updates for New Mexico.

1 comment to QWIPU R2011Q1 (data through 2010:2) available for download

  • Delaware, which was initially not available for R2011Q1, has been updated by the Census Bureau, and will be updated here in the next day. The post has been modified to reflect this.