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QWIPU R2013Q1 (data through 2012:2) available for download

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The most recent QWIPU data for all participating LED states are available for download from our download server. The release R2013Q1 covers data through 2012:2, for 47 states and the District of Columbia. The following states were missing in previous releases, and are now included again: Colorado (CO) and North Carolina (NC). Missing are Florida (FL) and Oregon (OR) due to temporary data quality issues, and Massachusetts (MA), which has not yet provided data to the Census Bureau. In general, each state’s version.txt file points to the last updated quarter. Each data file contains the complete historical time series for each state, up through the latest quarter. Data can be downloaded (without registration) immediately at The SAS versions of the data on the Social Science Gateway have already been updated. Information on the variable coding is available in the QWI "cheatsheet".

The release also contains updates to the beta release of  Quarterly Workforce Indicator (QWI) files containing augmented tabulations by firm size and by firm age.  Data are available within each state's BETA directory. New are these data for California (CA). For more details on this release, please consult our earlier release notice. These files are released to garner feedback from users, and certain caveats apply. Beta releases are nearly feature complete, but may not have been created using the final methodology or quality metrics. Please provide the  LEHD program and/or us with any feedback you may have on these files.

These are the last data in the QWI Format V3.4. The new format, which the Census Bureau describes here, was developed with inputs from us and the user community. Starting with R2013Q2, all files will be posted in this new format.