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QWIPU R2013Q4 (data through 2013:1) available for download and on ECCO

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Release R2013Q4 of QWIPU data for all participating LED states are available for download from our download server. The release R2013Q4 covers data through 2013:1, for 46 states and the District of Columbia. Data for California, New Jersey (new),  New Mexico, and Wyoming (new) are missing due to delays in provision of input files or issues with input data (users should use earlier releases for those states). Data for Louisiana is now available again (for the entire time-series). Missing is also Massachusetts (MA), which is currently in pre-release status at the Census Bureau (a R2014Q1 release is expected) (Information based on QWI Data Notices (as of 2014-01-06).

Important: the data format is V4.0.
More information is available here: QWIPU Data Schema (local copy).

Since R2013Q2, the primary data distribution site is now at the Census Bureau. This site is now only a mirror, and archive for historical data. Additional information is provided on our mirror site. Each data file contains the complete historical time series for each state, up through the latest quarter. Data can be downloaded (without registration) immediately at ECCO users can access the data at /data/raw/qwipu/qwi.R2013Q4 in CSV format. The SAS versions of the data on ECCO will be created shortly.