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Release of National QWI through 2013Q3

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National QWI data release r20141206_1008 (beta release), covering 1993Q1 through 2013Q3, has been posted at It is based on Quarterly Workforce Indicators (QWI) release R2014Q3

The National Quarterly Workforce Indicators (QWI) provide national-level indicators derived from the state-level QWI. Such indicators cannot be easily computed for the entire period covered by QWI series, since not all states provided historical data, and because individual states’ QWI releases are occasionally withheld due to changes in the underlying administrative systems or other data quality problems that cannot be addressed within the constraints of a regular quarterly data production system. The methodology was first laid out in Abowd & Vilhuber (2011) (see also Abowd & Vilhuber, 2010). More information about the data can be found at

This is the last release through Cornell University’s Labor Dynamics Institute. Production responsibility for future releases has been assumed by the U.S. Census Bureau’s LEHD Program. The Labor Dynamics Institute,
through its VirtualRDC, will continue to provide copies of any files released by the Census Bureau at