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Available resources

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We provide the following resources at the VirtualRDC:

  1. Computing resources on the open internet:
    • Compute servers: Over the years, we have run a variety of compute clusters (the original VirtualRDC, the Social Science Gateway, the current ECCO system, the Synthetic Data Server). The different currently active compute resources serve different populations, and we invite potential users to discover them from our home page.
    • Code repositories: Before free-access code repositories were available widely, we were offering these services to the our users. Some code repositories are still self-hosted (see "Code repositories"), but with the advent of widely available code repositories for Git and Subversion, typically free for personal and often for academic use, we no longer provide this service.
    • Wikis: We host a small wiki farm, typically with restricted access, for experiments and legacy support of some project specific spaces. Most users should use resources on the open internet.
    • Compile server: We occasionally have a need for custom-compiled, but generically packaged Linux software (RPM format). We used to run a dedicated 64bit Linux server, back when 64bit meant Itanium and was rare (we still ran  SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 9). Again, these services are now more widely available, and our own packages are compiled on the excellent openSUSE Build system at Some older packages may still be available in the RPM format on our local servers common to SUSE and Redhat distributions.
  2. We used to be responsible for the funding behind a NSF-funded supercomputer in the Census RDC. That server no longer exists, and its successor is maintained and financed by the Census Bureau.
  3. Data: you will find on the VirtualRDC
    • Zero-obs datasets as a programming help
    • Public-use datasets constructed to resemble their confidential RDC-hosted counterparts (they obviously do not contain any confidential information)
    • Public-use datasets not elsewhere available, related to the use and creation of synthetic data; a full list is available here.
    • Synthetic datasets (more details here)

    For more information, consult the "Data" page.