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Code repositories

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The VirtualRDC makes codes available through public repositories (Subversion and Git).

What is Subversion?

In a nutshell, Subversion allows to

  • keep a log of all changes made to your code
  • roll back changes to any one of registered checkpoints
  • share the code between multiple users
  • distinguish users that can modify code, and those that can only read the code
  • branch off versions that henceforth share a common ancestor but follow somewhat separate development.

A comparison of different VCS can be found here.

How can I learn to use it

  • See our High-performance computing for Economists site.
  • See the Software Carpentry site.
  • You need client software. The following list is somewhat dated, but many of these are still actively developed.
    1. Most Unix/Linux installations have command-line clients available.
    2. TortoiseSVN ( is a Windows client that works just great. Very transparent and easy to use. Needs administrator rights to be installed.
    3. eSVN ( is a cross-platform GUI
    4. SmartSVN ( is a Java client. It works without installation on Windows if you download the Linux version, you need Java installed). You do not need to be Administrator to use the installer to install it permanently. Verified to work on Linux. (Note that this is free, but not open-source software)

Available repositories