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Supercomputer at Census RDCs

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In the fall of 2012, the supercomputer described below was mothballed. For 7 years, it served its purpose well, and only in 2012 was it replaced by a newer, x86_64-based compute server with 40 cores and 512GB of RAM.

Original post (Oct 18, 2005)

We are happy to announce the availability of a new supercomputer (NSF01) for research projects hosted at the Census Research Data Centers. The purchase of this supercomputer was made possible through funding by National Science Foundation (NSF) Information Technology Research (ITR) Grant #0427889, and support by Intel and SGI. The NSF-ITR supercomputer will house projects that support the two prime goals of NSF Grant #0427889:

  • the development of innovative, large-scale linked data products that integrate Census Bureau surveys, censuses and administrative records with data from state governments and surveys conducted by private institutions. These data sets are typically confidential, and can only be accessed from within the secure RDC network;
  • the creation of synthetic versions of the confidential data sets. This will increase the accessibility of these data to social
    science researchers while preserving the confidentiality of private information. These datasets will initially become available on the NSF-ITR supported VirtualRDC, but will ultimately be available to the general public

Interested researchers should contact the Center for Economic Studies for further information about research projects at the Census Research Data Centers. Additional information about NSF-ITR funded resources can be obtained from the administrators of the Cornell-hosted VirtualRDC at

The NSF-ITR supercomputer is a 64-processor SMP machine, with 384GB of RAM, a SGI Altix 3700bx2. It runs SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 9 as its OS. It is housed at the U.S. Census Bureau's Computer Center in Bowie, MD, and can be accessed by authorized users from any one of the Census Research Data Centers.