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SAS 9.2 made default on x86_64 compute nodes

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SAS 9.2 has been installed, and testing showed no issues. It has now been made the default installation. When the current SAS 9.1.3 license expires, only SAS 9.2 will be available. Note that SAS 9.2 is now a 64-bit application on non-Itanium Linux (VRDC6401 and VRDC6403 are Itanium, VRDC6402 and VRDC6405 are x86_64), in contrast to the 32-bit only SAS 9.1.3 on the x86_64 platform. This means that you can now leverage the large memory on those nodes, but also that you will NOT be able to use any pre-existing 9.1.3 format libraries or indexes - you will need to rebuild those.

SAS 9.1.3 can still be called by specifying the version explicitly ('sas91' or 'sas913'). The standard call 'sas' now defaults to 9.2.

Please let us know if you find any issues.

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