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[SDS] Release of SIPP Synthetic Beta v6.0 announced

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The Census Bureau today announced the release of a new version of the SIPP Synthetic Beta, v6.0. 

From the Census Bureau's website:

Version 6.0 of the SSB allows for a longer time series of analysis in three ways. First, the SSB 6.0 includes two additional SIPP panels (1984 and 2008); second, the administrative W-2 earnings records now extend through 2011; and third, OASDI and SSI benefit information are available through 2012. Several new SIPP time series variables were added to version 6.0 of the SSB, including monthly indicators of receipt and amounts of AFDC or TANF benefits, workers’ compensation benefits, veterans’ compensation or pension benefits, and food stamp or SNAP benefits. Two additional SIPP point-in-time variables, a sample base weight and a life insurance policy indicator, are now available on the file. Also, the fertility history variables (e.g., first_admin_birthdate and last_admin_birthdate) have been improved by reconciling children’s administrative birth dates with those birth dates reported by the children’s mother. Finally, we have added many new variables on SSDI and SSI applications that include when applications were submitted, when and whether they were approved or denied, and a diagnosis group classifying the type of disability.

The data will be made available on the Synthetic Data Server shortly, a separate announcement will be made. Researchers interested in accessing the data should start on this page.