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[SDS] SSB v6.0 data files released on Synthetic Data Server

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We are happy to announce that version 6.0 of the SIPP Synthetic Beta is now available for use on the Synthetic Data Server

Beginning today you can find SAS and Stata versions of the 16 implicates in the following directory:

 As of March 31, we will switch the /rdcprojects/co/co00517/SSB/data/current link to point to the version 6.0 directory.  If at that point you are not ready to switch to using version 6.0, you should change your programs so that they explicitly reference the version 5.1.1 directory (/rdcprojects/co/co00517/SSB/data/v5.1.1).
An important note - in order to be more efficient with storage space on the SDS, we have changed the naming scheme for the SIPP monthly variables from
where MN goes from 1 to 48 and represents the number of months that have passed since the beginning of panel_1stfullyear. For example:
MN=1 means January of panel_1stfullyear
MN=48 means December of panel_1stfullyear+3
Our new online codebook tool (see and ) does not yet reflect these naming changes but will very shortly.
As always, if you have any questions, please email the data providers at  They look forward to your feedback on these new data.