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SIPP SSB files available as CSV files on SSB server

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For those of you who are R users, at user request I created CSV versions of all implicates.

Sample code for R (contributed by C. Kohnen):

Since these files are in a csv format and the first row of the file contains the variable names, one would usually use

dataname = read.csv("datafilename.csv")

If you only want certain variables/columns, let say 1-2 and 17-20,  use (outside of R)

cut -d , -f 1-2,17-20 datafilename.csv > smallerfile.csv

(You can pull off the variables names from the CSV by doing )

head -n 1 datafilename.csv > var_names.csv

Then in R

newdata = read.csv("smallerfile.csv")

This can be adjusted to include more columns, but just adding more
column #'s.