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[solved] Performance, usability issues on Windows NX clients for SSG

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Certain users had reported performance issues (slow KDE menu, etc.) on the SSG NX sessions (most obvious to Windows users, less so to Linux users), as well as some difficulties with the default configuration for the file browser in Gnome (all users). We have implemented solutions for these, and pushed them to all users. Please let us know if you notice any adverse affects (but also let us know if this helped). Details:

  • in KDE, we turned off the most common GUI effects (fancy menu unrolling, roll-over previews and explanations).
  • in Gnome, we modified the default configuration for the file browser to behave similar to the KDE and Windows file explorers, with a hierarchical view in the left pane, and directory browsing within the same window.

If you continue to experience issues, please send us a screenshot and a precise description of what is slowing down.

We will be pushing these changes to the SDS soon.