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The Economics Compute Cluster (ECCO) has migrated to the BioHPC environment, and accounts are not handled on this website anymore. See the BioHPC User Guide.

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[SSG] [ECCO] Final migration from SSG to ECCO will occur on Sept 16-17, 2013

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The final migration from SSG/RHEL5 to ECCO/CentOS6 will occur on Sept 16, 2013. At that time, the storage attached to the SSG headnode will be moved to the ECCO headnode, and the new cluster brought up. What this means in practice for current users is:

  • You will not be able to use the cluster on Sept 16 and 17.
  • You will no longer be able to log in to the old (SSG) headnode after Sept 16.
  • You will start logging in to the ECCO headnode after Sept 17 (however, your current configuration for '' will continue to function for a while)
  • All data on HOME and /ssgprojects will have been moved over - everything will be on ECCO where previously it was on SSG.

Non-Cornell users will no longer be able to log in to the cluster after the migration, unless they have made special arrangements.

Users of the VirtualRDC as a preparation tool for the Census RDC continue to be grandfathered until we implement an alternate solution, but may find the new cluster of limited use. We will work with you, please contact us if you need assistance.

Users of the Synthetic Data Server will not be affected by this activity; however, some changes are coming for them as well in the near future as we address the increasing need for resources by those users.

There are a few software upgrades which will occur at switchover or shortly thereafter:

  • R will be upgraded to 3.0 on Sept 16. The MKL-optimized compile will follow shortly thereafter, but until the MKL compile is available, you might notice slower R performance
  • Matlab will be upgraded to R2013b in October (the new version is not available until later in September, and requires some infrastructure upgrades for the license server).
    • The number of concurrent users will go from 2 to 7 soon after the migration, though.
  • Stata will be upgraded to Stata 13 shortly after the migration
    • The number of concurrent users will go from 5 to 10 at the same time as the Stata 13 upgrade
  • Octave will no longer be available, but can be installed upon request.

There are bound to be other issues after the migration, and we ask that you file tickets at for these issues, where we can consolidate and review them as they arise.

Thanks for your patience in advance.

The SSG was funded through NSF Grant #0922005 to John M. Abowd and Lars Vilhuber. The ECCO cluster is a collaborative undertaking of Cornell economists, funded by the Cornell University Economics Department.