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[SSG] Users migrating to OS X 10.7 have issues with NX on SSG and SDS

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Users have brought to our attention that the NX 3.x client that we require for access to the SSG and SDS desktops no longer works on OS X 10.7 (it is no longer supported by Nomachine). Nomachine only supports NX 4.x (preview) clients from OS X 10.7 onwards, but our pre-build configuration files do not work with that client. We will work to provide a solution. In the meantime, 

users have three options:

  • users can use SSH software combined with an X server to run graphical applications. See this CAC wiki page on how to do so in a general fashion (replace for all server names). Jobs can also be submitted from the SSH command line without setting up a X server.
  • users can manually edit the NX4 configuration. The key (pun intended) is to replace the default Nomachine key with the custom key that the NX3 config files contain.
  • users that have a Windows virtual machine can install the Windows NX client.

We are working on getting a NX4 config file prepared, and will post instructions on the Step 4 page once they are ready.