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[SynLBD users] availability of modified SynLBD 2.0.1

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The Cornell VirtualRDC has created a modified version of the SynLBD data files, available now as 2.0.1 for your use.

The data content of these files is identical to the previous version (2.0) - this is not a new release of synthetic data.
However, the file structure has been augmented to correspond to the latest version of the non-synthetic LBD. In other words, all columns present in the  (confidential, Census-RDC only) LBD datasets are also present on this synthetic dataset, with the exact same specifications (variable type, length, etc.). Of course, only the variables with synthetic content have any content at all - the rest are empty.
SAS and Stata version of these files are available on the SDS at
Your feedback on these files is greatly appreciated. Please send feedback to and