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Synthetic Data Server

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The Synthetic Data Server (SDS) was set up to provide early access to new synthetic data products by the U.S. Census Bureau. These datasets are made available to interested researchers in a controlled environment, prior to a more generalized release.

Available data

At present, two datasets are made available on this server:

How to request access to the data is described on the next page. Access requests are reviewed for feasibility, but not otherwise restricted.

Once the data provider has signed off on the access, you will receive an account creation message from us with further instructions.

Educational use of the server and data

We encourage and support use of the server and data for educational purposes (use of synthetic data, basic use of SIPP or LBD). Please contact us for support materials and additional info.


In this section


The server replaces the previous SIPP Synthetic Beta (SSB) server.

Funding acknowledgement

The SDS has received funding through NSF grant SES-1042181 and BCS-0941226, and through a grant from the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation.


For publications and documents related to NSF grants SES-1042181 and the use of this server, see our SDS Bibliography page.