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Step 3 - Setting up access to SDS

First, if you have not already done so, verify that you have changed your initial password , as per  Step 2. You will use the password you just changed when logging onto the SDS.

Using SSH not allowed

The SDS is a controlled-access environment. SSH/SCP access is not allowed. If you need to upload data or programs, please ask the relevant data provider (see the "Requesting account" page for contacts).

Using NX

To logon to the SDS, you will be required to use an NX-based remote desktop (no other access is allowed). The Nomachine NX client is free to use. The preferred method is a full install of the NX 3 client. However, Mac OS X users will need to install NX 4, as the NX 3 install no longer works on OS X 10.7 and higher.

Web install

  • The web installer to launch NX can be used for quick access. It requires Java, will not work for OSX 10.8+ or some browsers, and will generate permission issues on the latest versions of Java. Also, due to limitations in the web-installed NX, some applications may show artifacts  (SAS is a notorious culprit), and unless you are on Linux, you cannot leverage a larger screen.

Full install

If you do not already have NX installed, follow download and installation instructions for the client version of your choice:

  • Version 3 is suggested for all platforms that can install it, since it works better with our (open-source) server. Version 3 is no longer distributed by Nomachine, but  we have archives of Windows, and  Linux versions (OS X ONLY if using OS X < 10.7). You should choose the NX client for the "platform" of your desktop computer (i.e., if you are using a Windows computer to access the SDS, you should download the Windows client).
  • Version 4: If using Mac OS X 10.7 or higher, and possibly Windows 8 and higher, you need to follow installation instructions for Version 4. You will not be able to reconnect to sessions after disconnecting.
  1. Once you have NX installed, you need to configure a "session". We have prepared a pre-configured NX session config file:

    download pre-configured NX config file


  2. You should unzip it. The file contained within, called 'SDSx.nxs', should be put into the NX config location
    • $HOME/.nx/config (Linux, Mac)
    • C:\Documents and Settings\USERNAME\.nxconfig (Windows XP and previous)
    • C:\Users\USERNAME\.nx\config (Windows 7, 8)
    • Note: NX4 users may find this in a different location.
  3. You can now open the "NX Client for Windows" (or ... for Linux or ... for Mac), and should see a sessions called 'SDSx'. Open that, and when prompted for a password, use the password previously created.
  4. If on Windows or OS X, if you want a larger screen, you can reconfigure your session (prior to connecting) in the "Configure..." menu. We suggest using "Available screen", not "Full screen".

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